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Despite all the efforts, the problem of call drop has not been solved. This remains a headache for consumers in different forms. People have to face a lot of trouble talking to mobile. The main reason is that the call is disconnected, after a few seconds of calling a number, the phone is disconnected. Not only this, sometimes the call is taken, and the echo sound that means the voice is one-sided; the call is disconnected in a while. After a while, money is also sent to go.

Call drop problem headache for the customers: The problem of call with the network of all the private mobile companies all over India. Earlier, telecom companies made excuse for spectrum and tower constraints. But apart from spectrum allocation, a large number of towers have been installed in Delhi NCR area in the last few years. Despite this, the problem is the same as that. It is known that TRAI had tried to impose penalty against Telecom Companies for restraining telecom companies. But after the Supreme Court's denial, he also sat silently. The problem of call drop in Delhi NCR area has become a headache for the customers. Apart from cutting calls in the middle of the customer, there is a complaint of lack of connectivity.

The problem of call drop is not taking the name of the chase. On the other hand, the network of network disappeared due to the turmoil of mobile users. It should be promptly diagnosed. Some people say there is a lot of problem in not being connected to the call except for cutting in the middle. But telecom companies are continuously dropping the voice call quality on mobile phones in the battle of data. Airtel Company is at the forefront of exploiting consumers. On the one hand expensive internet services are required. At the same time, the net service costs also costs money. There is also problem in the collegiate as well. The company claiming speed is also not giving speed to the two. The phone did not say that Halo did not make the phone cut.

There is no need to worry because we have 2g 3g 4g mobile signal booster available, which is suitable for all network operator Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio, where you also get a guarantee of data speed with voice calling.

3G Mobile Signal Booster

3G Mobile Signal Booster

3G Mobile Signal Booster is a very cheap option for small shops, homes and offices. This eliminates call drop problems and increases voice and data connectivity in almost all 3G networks. Its texture is very limited, so that it can be easily installed and operated. It is available with one year replacement guarantee and quick installation guide.

Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

2G 3G 4G Tri Band Mobile Signal Booster

2G, 3G and 4G (GSM, DCS, WCDMA) is a tri-band mobile signal booster and it helps to increase the signal strength for all network operators tuned in the frequency band of 900-1800-2100 MHz . It is capable of delivering excellent voice quality and data stability on devices such as your Smartphone, tablet, data card etc. It is particularly capable of providing network up to 3,000 square fit. It’s less weight and slim design makes it easy to install anywhere in your home.

4G Mobile Signal Booster

4G Mobile Signal Booster

The 2G 4G mobile signal booster is a dual band signal repeater which works in the tune-up network for the frequency of 900,1800MHZ. This permanently eliminates the call drop problem with increasing the speed of 4C data in stores, offices and homes. In this you can get 2G network of all operators with 4G of Airtel Vodafone Jio.

2G 3G Mobile Network Booster

2G 3G Mobile Network Booster

2G and 3G Mobile Signal Booster is a Medium Power Dual Band Mobile Signal Booster which is designed to increase the signal strength of all network operators tuned in the frequency band of 900 MHz and 2100 MHz. It is able to provide you excellent voice quality and 3G data stability. It can specifically provide signal to your shops, offices and houses up to 2,000 square feet. Due to very little weight and small design texture, you can install it anywhere in the house.

Why Choose Us?

If you are worried about weak mobile networks in your home or office and want to improve, then you should install a mobile signal booster in your home or office. There are many companies in the market that are ready to assist you in installing a signal booster properly. Our company is also ready to set up at your home or office. This is the reason why you should choose our company today. We always offer some benefits and one year replacement guarantee for our customers. Due to these benefits many people are satisfied with our services.

Professional Engineers: We have a very well-known team of reliable professional engineers. Those who are easily prepared to troubleshoot weak network problems by installing any type of signal booster. They are professionally trained to improve their skills and knowledge, so they are able to quickly install any repeater or amplifier. So when you are planning to install a booster in your home, you should rely on the quality of our engineers.

High Quality Mobile Signal Booster: We have many types of high quality signal boosters available. We only want to offer our customers high quality and durable products. Therefore, you do not have to worry about choosing the wrong device for home or office. Contact us today to resolve the problem of weaker network. Our customer care engineer will help you choose the best products suitable for your office.

Quick Installation Service: This is one of the most reasons that you choose us. We provide instant service to our customers and, we do not wait for our customers to long time to establish a signal booster in their office buildings. All customers are satisfied with our high quality service because we provide quick progress for all customers. We are capable to installing any signal repeater or amplifier in a few minutes. When you want to install signal booster in your office you will not have to wait long time.

Affordable Service: We always offer affordable service to our customers. If you are planning to install a signal booster in your office, then you should contact our company because you will not need to spend a lot of money to set up high quality boosters in your office. We also offer some extra discounts or deals for our customers. Contact our sales representatives today to ask about our available deals and discounts.

Free Delivery

After ordering a request on, we will contact you immediately to confirm your order, as well as make proper arrangements for free delivery and installation. If you do not need the installation service by us, please prepare the check / cash as per the challan amount, and after the completion of the installation process, give check / cash to our delivery team.

What is Mobile Signal Booster?

A device that transmits the present signal at one place to another place is called the mobile signal booster. It is composed primarily of the outer antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. That receives the present signals from outdoor and provide at a place where the signal is very weak.

The single repeater is used to boost present weak mobile signals at office or home. It works to bring the signal outside the house with the help of an outdoor antenna and provide the inside of home or office by coaxial cable. For which is needed two antennas, amplifier and coaxial cable. And there is no need for a technical person to set up it at your home or office. Its installation can be done very easily by itself in just 10 minutes.

How It Works?

Mainly the signal repeater is used in places where the mobile network is very weak. The weakness of the signal is usually to be away from the signal tower as well as high buildings. In those places, this system can be used.

The working process of the signal repeater is receive outdoor signal by external antenna and enhanced it by the amplifier then, broadcasted it, where the signal is needed through an internal antenna. After getting great cell phone reception, you can enjoy fast data downloads and uploads with clear voice calls.

cell signal booster works especially with all types of network of all types of careers in all over India. According to your need, 2G 3G 4G all-in-one signal repeater is available with the help of this device you can enjoy voice calls with data speed.

How to Install?

You can strengthen weak mobile signal within the home with the help of cell phone signal booster. However, you will get the full benefit only after installing the mobile signal repeater properly. The process of installing cell phone signal boosters is very easy. You will have simplicity to install by following the instructions given in the manual available with the Signal Booster Kit. If you do not understand a process, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking forward to your help.

The main function of single repeater is to strengthen weak signals available in any area. For this, the signal strength in the outdoor is very important to strengthen the signal in the indoor. To get strong signal in the outdoor, you can get signal-50 DBM by going to the settings of your mobile phone or you can measure the signal based on the signal bar shown in the given signal in the signal repeater.

What is the Benefit of Network Booster?

Signal booster is an electronic device that receives weak mobile signals, and transmits it with strong power. By using Signal Booster, you can enjoy a clear call by promoting the mobile network as well as getting fast Internet access.

The advantages of using the signal booster are as follows.

1. Enjoy Better Call Quality: Boosters provide better signal for making clear calls to your mobile phone by increasing the network. Modern signal boosters help to provide a clear and improved voice on your phone by reducing the technical noise in the voice call.

2. High Mobility: Signal booster size is small, you can use it anywhere. When you reside in remote areas where the towers are located so far, you can install it at home or office to avoid the problem of talking on mobile due to weak signal.

3. Fast internet and connectivity: Those who live in extreme crowded places, they have to deal with the problem of a weak mobile network because thick concrete walls create network signal interference in reaching the inside. As a result, there is a weak mobile network available in some houses and flats. For which you can establish a signal booster and get a solution effectively to the problem. Connecting the Internet can enjoy stable and dependent restriction connections.

4. Can be easily installed: It can be installed without any help yourself. There are two main components in it. An antenna receives outdoor signal and transports to the amplifier. The amplifier strengthens the signal and transmits it inside with the help of Indoor Antenna. Thereby, mobile phones and other devices can receive signals.

5. High quality: Different types of 2G 3G 4G signal boosters are available at different prices depending on your needs. You can choose a booster according to the requirement and install it in your home or office.

Can a GSM 3G 4G Tri Band Repeater help my Signal?

Most mobile phone users face the problem of weak signal while using the Internet on the phone. Due to poor signal, the quality of the call decreases. If you face such problem in your home office, then you should immediately install the mobile repeater in your home or office. It provides clear voice calls by providing full (4 or 5) bars on your mobile phone.

If you are getting 2G or 3G cellular data speed and 4G data speed is not available to you. So this is a problem due to weak mobile signal. For this, you can increase the 4G speed with the help of 4G mobile signal repeaters. This cellular repeater will not only increase the network coverage but also improves the speed of data transfer with clear voice call. Provide complete 4G signal coverage to your mobile phone.

You need to keep in mind, that the signal repeater does not make the signal itself, its work is to strengthen the signals present in the outdoor with the help of the amplifier. However, it helps in increasing a very popular signal by producing strong signals. Before buying a signal repeater you need to make sure that there is strong signal available anywhere in the area around or outside your home. If a strong signal is not available near your home, repeater will not work. If you have any questions, you may feel free to contact us. Thank you

Money back guarantee:

We assure the high quality of our products. If we have any kind of malfunction of our products, then we guarantee money back within 1 week. You can undoubtedly use our product by installing it. If there is any doubt in you, then you can return our product to us within 1 week. You can contact our team to resolve any issue of network signal during the installation process. Our engineers are always ready to help you. Apart from this, all our devices come with 1 year warranty. So, if you are dissatisfied with our product or our product does not come true on your expectations. So, you can return us immediately with full payment refund. We do everything to satisfy our customer's expectations. Our customers may feel free to contact us to resolve the problem of any time signal. Our team is always ready to help in every possible way of the customer.

Are Signal Boosters safe?

Today many different types of devices are being used around our house, which emits a certain amount of radiation, whether it is TV, radio, computer, Wi-Fi Internet, mobile, etc. All radiation emitted by them affect the human. People are often seen arguing about these things, that the mobile signal booster emits too much radiation, and it is not safe, but this is not at all, because mobile signal boosters do not emit radiation at all. Its main task is to get the outside network and throw it inside of house with the help of an amplifier. And it transmits the present power with less power, which is not a loss to the human body, nor creates any type of risk for human health.

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