Get complete information about installing signal boosters at home.

complete information about installing signal boosters at home

Nowadays, everywhere, whether in the city or in the village, the signal is becoming very weak, due to which people have to face the problem of talking to each other over the phone, that is why people have a weak signal problem before building any new house construction. Keeping in mind how to use the construction materials used in the house in such a way that there is no problem to reach the signal inside the house because If you will not get your house in good signal Your new home will not be of any use.

Some people build their new house randomly, which later proves to be very expensive because after the construction of your new house, if you can't talk inside the house and you have to talk outside the house. Then you have no use for your dream home because you cannot sit inside the house and receive a call or check email on your phone, even the signal is not available on your phone due to weak cannot reach you, which is very disappointing.

If a house has been constructed and the signal is not available in it at all, then there is no need to worry because fortunately the solution to this problem is also available in the market. If the signal is weak inside your house, it is not clubbed at all. Need to install towers around your house.

If the cell phone tower is not able to be installed around your house, then there is no need to worry because nowadays there is a mobile signal booster available in the market, by using which you can strengthen the signal inside your house, for this you will need the upper part of the house. By installing an antenna in the outside, the signal present in the outside can be transmitted indoors through a cable.

Throughout this article you will be told that signal why is weak, what causes it and signal boosters what measures to strengthen, as well as be informed about the mobile signal booster.

Why is the signal weak?

There are many reasons why the signal is weak: such as the distance from your home to the cell tower, large blockers, such as tall trees, tall buildings, mountains and building materials used in the home, such as bricks, blocks, metals, wire mesh, radiant Barriers, and window coatings, all of which cause the signal to not reach indoors, causing the signal to weaken.

Main reason for the weak signal, depending on the distance of the tower from your home if your home is more than 5 kilometers is located in a rural area, a range of signal cell tower where the weak get signal to your home because cell phone capability tower is delivering a signal radius of 3 km, it will be very weak exhausted signal in more areas.

People should keep some technical information which is very important if communication between the cell phone tower and your mobile is done in a smooth manner, then only you will be able to make clear calls or use internet on the cell phone, because if your mobile cell phone tower signal is transmitted back You will not be able to get a clear call.

The second main reason for cell phone signal weakening is any major blockage between you and the cell phone tower, such as tall trees or tall buildings that obstruct the signal from the cell phone tower to reach you.

Finally, the reason for the weak mobile signal is the material used when building your home. Solid materials, such as bricks, blocks, or metals, all of this inhibit most of the signal coming into the house, so even though there is a strong signal available outside your home, it may not enter the house completely, causing you’re The signal is weakened inside the house, because all the materials used in the house such as a brick concrete wall all obstruct the signal inside.

So far above, you have been told about the reasons that why the signals are weak, now you will be told how to overcome the problem of weak signals, so get or read the complete information below.

Why is the signal weak

What is cell phone signal booster and its use

Signal booster is a system that catches the signal present outside and transmits it indoors. It consists of three main components, an external antenna, which is installed in the upper part of the house and catches the signal and transmits it through the wire to the repeater inside the house. The second is the repeater, which amplifies the signal transported by the external antenna and transmits it inside the house by the internal antenna, where the signal is weak and the signal problem is overcome.

What is cell phone signal booster and its use

How a signal booster works at home?

In a home or office, there is a process to install and perform signal boosters. The external antenna is installed on the roof above a house by moving it towards the nearest cell tower, which catches the current external signal being transmitted from the nearest cell phone tower, and then it is routed through the antenna and wire to the amplifier. The amplifier strengthens the received signal and transmits the signal all the way inside the house by the other only and the internal antenna, which allows you to enjoy clear calls and internet on mobile as well as weak signal problem, is also overcome.

An external antenna must be selected based on the network available in the upper part of a house. If the signal on the roof above a house is strong, and there is no obstruction in reaching the signal house from the nearest cell tower, a high-power directional antenna can be used. If the signal coming from the cell phone tower is blocked by large barriers, such as tall trees, tall buildings, mountains, then a powerful unidirectional external antenna must be installed on the roof in the exterior, capable of receiving all-around signals. it happens.

The signal received by the external antenna is routed through the wire to the amplifier indoors bypassing the construction material used in the house, then the amplifier distributes the signal received by the internal antenna all the way around the house is.

How a signal booster works at home?

How to know if the signal booster is working?

To find out whether your signal booster is working or not, you will show two green lights, available in the signal amplifier, which indicates that the amplifier is receiving the signal from outside, as well as showing four dots or bars in the amplifier. If the amplifier is visible five times, then the amplifier is getting a good signal from outside, after that you need to check on your mobile, whether full signal or bar is visible on your mobile, If the full signal bar is not visible on your mobile, then you should check only the one reaching the indoor antenna from the amplifier.

To check how much signal booster is providing you signal strength, you can check the signal strength in Sim status by going to your mobile phone's settings option in DBM. If the signal strength is -50dbm then your signal booster works very well. If the signal strength is -90 DBM then signal booster is not working properly and if the signal strength -120DBM, which means that your signal booster is not working at all. For this, you can increase the signal by checking the external antenna, because the external antenna's job is to receive the external signal and transmit it inside, if the signal strength is strong outside then only inside will be able to provide strong signal, if outside signal is weak then inside Will also provide weak signal.

How to know if the signal booster is working

How to choose a signal booster for your home?

How to choose a signal booster for your home